Monday, 6 October 2008

Tepung Pelita Ramadhan


On my annual quest in finding the perfect tepung pelita, I asked myself, what makes a tepung pelita THE tepung pelita?

Its the gebuness of the texture. Not too soft..otherwise it'll spoil the first touch.
Its how it presents itself, not too watery. Thats just a turn off.
Its the sweetness, not bland, and not too much sugar that sometimes you can still taste and feel that it is not fully dissolved.
Its the perfect proportion of the whitish and the greenish parts, that makes it pleasing to the eye.
Its the how the daun pisang wraps around it, causing the sweet aroma emanating from it.

But, I take exception to the last criteria. As I have tasted the best tepung pelita this Ramadhan during the last days of puasa. It is a modernised version, macam Mk II ala VW Golf Mk II, V etc, wrap in plastic cup, but still taste fantastic. Yummm.


Dory said...

huh? ade blog?? boleh tulis blog sambil tgk tv3.. heee

syazeleen said...

awh!!!! it's been AGES since i last ate tepung pelita. and even longer since i ate a satisfactory one!!

any chance of getting me a bite when i go back?? (^^,)

alfaizal said...

Leen: Tepung pelita..have to ask mummy, uncle Zack la. I ate at her house. But sedap siot..hehe.

ben said...

check this out if you have the time!