Tuesday, 14 August 2007


What you love most, hurts you most. Hehe.

My head gasket went south last week.

Before taking the plunge into the Alfa ownership, I have prepared myself for worst case scenarios. Emotionally and of course, financially. Hence my frustration was not to the point where the food don't taste, or did I experienced any sleepless nights. I took a risk a year ago, and it took the same time for me to fall flat on my face, or at least that's the reason I think the gasket blew up on me.

It started by me driving a bunch of friends home to Kuantan, from KL.Four of them to be precise. Hitting Karak, I immediately floored the accelerator. Switching my right foot between brakes and the accelerator, making the boxer run its 129 horses relentlessly. 80% of the time, keeping the revs +5000 rpm to steer the bella around uphill corners. It was such joy.

2 days later, during idling, the Alfa lost power and sounded like running on 3 cylinders, as opposed to 4. I decided to take it to the pits. More of a workshop actually. On my way, the temperature went all to way to 110deg C, so I stopped to let it cool. Popping the hood, there were no water in the reservoir. Shit. Cranked the engine. Stuck. Sounded like the piston seized, which later I found out was quite right. Tow it is then.

Opening up the cylinder heads, found that one of the gasket had a water/coolant leak, causing water to mix with oil in the cylinder where I had work done before. We speculated that it could have either been poor quality gasket installed on my last timing belt 'putus' episode, or just improper installation. I didn't send the car to an Alfa specialist then, since I needed the car quick.

Now its all systems go. Better get some mods before it starts to 'merajuk' again. Maybe a pair of disc brakes, a squadra chip, and ICE. Worth to mention that I didn't send the car for washing for 3 weeks before the gasket failed. Heh.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

You gotta have a little faith bro

I'm gonna start using these phrases. Though not sure it'll sound just as cool in Bahasa Malaysia.

"You've gotta have a little faith bro" -> "Kau kena la tawakkal sikit"

"There 3 things that are certain in life..death, taxes and (insert anything appropriate for the occasion you are talking about)" -> "Ada 3 benda yang pasti dalam hidup...kematian, cukai dan..."