Saturday, 12 May 2007


Everyone blogs about their wishlist. Which often includes the typical dream gadgets i.e ipods, uber-cool multi feature but oft unused mobile/smart phones, or a gigazillion pixel digicam. Here's mine for now:
1. A pair of new tie/track rod - to tighten the handling
2. performance brake pads - better stopping power, less fade

3. Pro RS steel braided hose - improve brake feel
4. strut braces - improve chassis stiffness, better handling

5. Squadra chip - add 10bhp!

6. valeo clutch - the ones i'm on now has started to squek
7. QV facelift or alessio monte carlo 15" rims - how can you not love that

8. repaint to Alfa red - love red!
9. leather interior, black with red stitches - red again!
10. PU powerflex suspension bush - improved handling

September can't come sooner.


You know you are really nuts about your car when you identify the squeeling sound of your operating stand fan with the sound of the air cond compressor pulley or steering pump pulley.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Decktable's got a webby!

My dearest sister got herself a webby.
Go go and check it out.

Leen, the reason I don't update much, is to project the appearance that I lead a very busy and hectic work schedule. Believe me?

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Being unique

I'm a sucker for music. Really good music. I strongly believe that to enjoy it, you have to listen using a pair of headphones. Really good ones. Senheiser, those kinda headphones. But all my good mate got me for my 22nd birthday was a crappy JVC. Haha. (tak appreciate hadiah langsung).

Anyway, I like to be different with my taste in music. I once went to a TOOL concert alone, cos I can't find anyone to go with me. Who the hell listen to Gomez anyway? Ada la kan..but not as many as lets say..Good Charlotte or Black Eyed Peas. To some, Gomez might just be a classical guitar maestro who strums classical riffs endlessly. Some of my common exchanges whenever I have friends in my car:

Friend : Lagu apa ni Shaw?
Me : Erm..kau tak tau kot.
Friend : La bagi tau ok je.
Me : Gomez.
Friend : ohh..erm..ok

Friend : Ganas la lagu kau.
Me : *Thinking to my self..its just TOOL..belum swedish/scandinavian black metal yang minum darah kambing, and pakai seluar PVC yang ketat gila sampai boleh melecet. Melecet kat mana tu, you just have to find out for yourself.

That explains why I own an Alfa Romeo. Its the weird sense of being different, something which stands out, but doesn't. Friends often joked that I will be better off with a Bimmer, since at least people know and recognise the brand. If you were to look at my car, you would think that its the funniest looking breadvan. Albeit a very fast one. Especially with me in it. In the drivers seat of course. "Shaw ni nampak je cool and selamba, bila bawa kereta, bawa cam cilaka", a passenger once remarked.