Sunday, 18 March 2007

Love your girlfriend or wife? Think again.

Love this ad. It speaks for itself..and of me. Hehehe.

Click on the picture to view the prints.

Monday, 12 March 2007

Its warm down here

There's a research saying that the warmth from a laptop, through frequent use on men's lap, could be harmful to the 'sack', killing sperms, reducing fertility.

Been using my laptop plenty these days while lounging on the sofa, albeit with a pillow as buffer between the laptop to 'you know where'.

I have to rethink this.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Never a coincidence.

How come on TV or in movies, the guy will always get himself tangled up in some kind of unfortunate event, and coincidentally meets a hot and gorgeous girl, later getting her to fall for him. Or to sleep with him. Its bullshit. It never happened to me. I bet it never happened you. Thats the reason millions of dollar are dumped into making an industry out of it. And you and me, are ever willing pay to watch it happen. Only in movies, or in dreams.

On another note, somebody needs to invent a clothes ironer. A gadget that irons clothes. Make it good at it, especially on the pleats of pants, and back of shirts. He/she will make millions. Not to mention that I'm badly in need of it now.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Hai yai!

Coolant level, check. After a bit of topping up.
Oil level, check.
Brake fluid level, check.
Ok, go.

Whoaaa...what a drive.
The drive back from Kuantan to KL was an absolute bliss. The bella was doing well over 180km/h most of the time. The boxer (not the shorts la, its the engine) response was surprisingly perky. No hesitation that day. On other days, there's a sense of hesitation whenever I hit 4000 rpm. But not that day. As soon as I shot off Gambang R&R after a fuel fill up, the bella never let up. Its as if she's been leashed, and waiting, looking forward towards pounding the tarmac. Freeing the leash, she pounded the straights and the winding Karak road relentlessly. All the while singing an angry tune that makes you scream 'bongiorno', 'bongiorno', 'bongiorno' all the way till the next braking point, to stab on the brakes to tailgate the idiot City who thinks he's fast to run on the right lane. I can almost imagine, Pavarotti driving the bella, singing in tandem with the engine note, arms swinging like a conductor, leading the arrays of flat four pistons and valves in synchronism. 129 ponies working overtime. Pedal to the metal, I was redlining her even on fifth gear!

As Clarkson once remarked, given a good road, there'll be no challenging the Alfa. However, you'll have to Walk the Last Mile to your destination, given the infamous reliability issues. She's given me heart aches, and she's given me tremendous joy. I'll always be in denial too of its 'issues'.

So yeah, its all good.

My mighty, mighty Alfa Romeo 145 1.7L boxer.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Ang Pow. Hong Pow. Duit Raya.

Its a new record.
I opened my new years ang pow a week after getting them. Even then, its coz I was running out of cold hard cash. It used to be right after receiving it, I would sneak into my family's default room in Poh Poh's house, to have a peek into who gave how much. Hehe. Cheeky. Who says money can't buy happiness?

My parents instilled good money savings practice. Immediately after getting back home from kampung, my brother, my sister and I would have to open up all the ang pows, in front of my parents, and count the total. Then its to the bank the next day. To our chagrin, all of our Tuanku Abdul Rahman will have to go to our savings account. Since we'll be getting roughly the same amount, there's not much room of siphoning out the ang pow money, for our own use i.e beli cikedis etc. Well those days, the amount was big deal. Now, as Todek remarked, 'duit cukup untuk bayar tol, minyak'. So whats left of my ang pow this year, are the ones in Sing dollars only.

On another note, the usual question popped out from my San Yi. Thats 3rd auntie.
San Yi : When want to get married?
Me : Hehehe.
San Yi : Why laugh?

Its not funny anymore. Geez, and I'm 6th on the seniority list, on my mama's side of family. The horror, the horror.

So yeah, its all good.