Sunday, 29 July 2007

"Get away from our women"

Why am I such a car nut?
Easy. A perfect family weekend for me would be going for test drives with my dad and my brother. Let me list down some of the more memorable ones.

1. V50 - We got flagged by the traffic cops for speeding at Kerinchi link (150 at a 90km/h zone), but was let off due to my dad's legendary trickery.

2. Fiat Coupe - Approaching the sharp right hander from Subang entering the Federal Highway, our sales advisor remarked, "Tuan haji, corner depan tu". Haha.

3. Saab 9-3 - Emergency braking, and immediately saying, "Just wanted to test the ABS".

Now I have to plan for our next 'get away from our women' day and test some really mean machines.


I've experienced the future.
Its in the form of DSG, Direct Shift Gearbox. A genius innovation on the vehicle transmission or gearbox.

I'm still reeling with excitement after test driving the Golf GTI Mk 5. Incredible, incredible experience. All cars in the next 5 years must be fitted with DSG. The shift is instantaneous, almost game like feel. Reminds me of pushing the R1 button to upshift and the L1 button to downshift on my PS2 controller, when playing Grand Turismo 3. The paddle shift on the steering wheel will need time to get use to, since if follows steering movement. I think I 'arcaded' the DSG more than I should, what with the burning clutch smell, after stepping out of the GTI at the end of the test drive.

Next to the 156 GTA (the aural experience), the GTI test drive was one of the most memorable test drives I've been on.

Any car with a DSG, deserves to be in my dream garage one day, next to the 156,E39,145 and E30.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Monday, 2 July 2007

Fire triangle

What ever you do, please don't smoke and chuck your cigarette near a crash or accident site.
There might just be a fuel leak..and you know what's gonna happen when ignition source meets fuel eh.