Saturday, 19 January 2008

Side ways is the ONLY way

Cheapest way to go sideways? Go kart, absolutely.

Wow..what a thrill. Though for only 10 minutes, it was fun fun fun from the get go. Especially everytime on taking an S-bend, and also taking the big corners ala parabolica flat out. Now I understand the thrill when Mark Webber talked about taking the 'parabolica' in Monza. Haha.

Apart from that, I've always wanted to do an opposite lock , the one when you have to steer the car the opposite way after an oversteer. Well I got to do it, in a kart la. The experience left me salivating driving a RWD on a track.

Its actually my third time karting. Set a decent time, but took 4 laps before I gained confidence to take corners, pedal to the metal. Looking forward for the next time.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Scrap your car for RM400?

Well not quite.

For every one successful project car (the one where one restores an old, rusty, non-drivable condition car to one thats pristine, perfect and showroom condition car), there'll be easily eight other failed project cars (berkarat, terbiar, and with the car tepi jalan, all four tyres gone, supported by bricks, even the bricks have started to crumble). Its a sight for sore eyes, and being an car nut, it hurts to see it. Even if its a first generation Honda Accord. I feel for it. I know how hard it is to keep a car going at tip top condish. The emotional anguish, the financial committment, and the experience of fixing one thing, with another one failing the week after. So if you can't commit to it, what should you do with it?

The government should go ahead and implement the option to scrap these cars. Scrap owners sell their scrap at a price fixed by scrap yards, based on how much the yards can sell the besi buruks to the kilang besi. The kilang besi will buy these scrap at a price, which could be factored in to their production cost of a steel. I'm not from the steel industry, so I have no idea how much it is. Of course along the way, everyone will find a way to make profit. Not realistic? Maybe. But if we can find incentives for everyone, then it'll definitely work.

As for me, there's one project car thats on its way to greatness :)