Sunday, 19 October 2008

Of bulan puasa and raya

I love Ramadhan and Syawal.

Well of course apart from being holy months of restraint, submission and forgiveness, I get to save alot of money.

Ramadhan..through less eating and free buka puasa. It helps that i've learnt to discipline my self this year to not over buy on foods at pasar Ramadhan.

Syawal..through open houses. I stuff myself silly in each of them, while hardly eating outside.
"Kurus pun boleh makan banyak ke", a friend remarked on my 4th trip of the roti jala servings.

You know where these savings will go to :)


syazeleen said...

'food' by definition encompasses a whole range of edible stuff.

dude, seriously, elementary mistake.

not that i've got a right to comment, seeing the numerous, sometimes embarrassing mistakes i make often. lol.

alfaizal said...

Ahah. Ok terima kasih cikgu.

mylifetoshare said...

bro sorry la wei aku x dpt dtg wedding kau...aku ade wedding lagi satu kat putrajaya at the same time n x sempat gi cos kene gi umah aunty aku lak pastu...sorry bro...nway selamat pengantin baru.

adi said...

duduk usa takkan takde masa nak blog?

busy eh?